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There are six Kyber bricks to unlock in each level of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. One for completing the level, three for filling up the stud gauge all the way to True Jedi, one for collecting all minikits and one for completing all three level challenges. In this guide, we'll show you how to get all of the minikits and challenges, as well as outline what characters are unlocked by completing the level Master Codebreak-out in Episode VIII.

For collecting all minikits in the level Master Codebreak-out you'll unlock the Libertine (Micro).

In the cell to the right of yours starting out, there is a protocol droid terminal. When you are in the center guard room on the second level, use the grapple to pull out a ventilation grate. Then grapple to the bars on the wall and from there hop over to the grate. There’s a protocol droid terminal inside with the password you need for the cell. Head back and input the password to open up the safe and get the minikit.

In the cell that has no bars on the door, use the force to get the handle out and attach it to the control panel to the right of the cell. Use the hero terminal to unlock a puzzle in the cell. There are four panels, you’ll need to change each of them to show four characters, one at a time. Once you do this, the minikit floats down.

One cell has an assortment of valves and a silver chain inside. Use a stormtrooper to break the silver chain and then pull the lever it was restraining. Use the newly freed bricks to build a pipe piece in the middle and unlock the minikit.

One cell is unlocked by getting a gonk droid from a cell on the inner circle and slotting it into the appropriate hologram slot in the hallway. Then, destroy the easel in the corner with the picture of the minikit on it. Rebuild the easel into the minikit to get it.

In the center room, once you get to the walkway on the second floor, there is a set of bars higher up on the wall that you can grapple. Do so, and at the top is a minikit.

Isn’t It Ironic? - Lock a guard in a cell. There is a room in the inner circle of the hallway, adjacent to the guards' room in the center, with things to break. After you break them you can build a decoy version of Finn and Rose which will lure the guards out and to the room to investigate. Once they step foot inside the room, hit the lever that you used to open the door and you'll trap them in there.

Prison Break - Enter the guard room undetected. Use the decoys mentioned above as well as a statue from one of the outer jail cells to lure the guards into the hallway and beat them before they can sound any alarm.

Guards Down - Defeat 8 guards during the jailbreak. Easiest of all, just don't leave the level until after you've defeated eight guards and got the level challenge completed. Be warned, there are more than eight guards in the area, so you will still get attacked.

There are no character unlocks for completing Master Codebreak-out for the first time. However, if you continue to play through the story to the next level you will unlock:

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