3500kw horizontal chain coal-fired heat transfer oil heater (YLW -3500mA)

Industrial Horizontal Coal Fired Chain Hot Oil HeaterYLW thermal fluid heater is square coil horizontal chain grate shop-assembled heater, chain grate and heater proper are transferred separately. It adapts chain grate to realize mechanical feeding coal, mechanical venting by blower and induced draf

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Industrial Horizontal Coal Fired Chain Hot Oil Heater

YLW thermal fluid heater is square coil horizontal chain grate shop-assembled heater, chain grate and heater proper are transferred separately. It adapts chain grate to realize mechanical feeding coal, mechanical venting by blower and induced draft fan, and mechanical discharging by slag machine.

Fuel falls on the grate from coal bucket during operating and burning, high temperature smoke enters furnace by passing combustion arch, after radiation heat exchange, smoke enters convection heating surface for convection heat exchange, then goes to waste heat boiler and air heater, at last enters dust collector then is vented into the atmosphere through chimney by induced draft fan.

Product thermal capacity:1400-29000 KW
Working pressure:0.8-1.0 MPA
Outlet temperature:320 °C
Available fuel:Bituminous coal, anthracite, biomass particles
Available industries:Chemical,high temperature heating technology for fertilizer, melamine, alumina and so on

1. What uniqure features do I have ?

1.1 High heat efficiency, unique structure, the heat efficiency can be more than 78%.

1.2 Furnace radiation area adopts double square shaped coiler and on the top of boiler, we design the ceiling pipes, so that the heat load can be reduced on the surface of pipes and the thermal oil can work more safely.

1.3 In the end of boiler, we design a heating area with staggered arrangement. That will enhance the heat transfer coefficient and decrease the ash deposit in the boiler.

1.4 The unique design of furnace arch with our own patent can make the coal burn out fully to enhance the heat efficiency.

1.5 The convection area is equipped with an all-direction soot blower. This will reduce the difficulty of cleaning ash and prolong the service time.

1.6 High safety. When abnormal conditions happen, safety interlock system starts up tp protect the boiler system.

1.7 Accurate temperature control. The oil temperature difference in the outlet can be control with ±3 ºC. If the boilers are equipped with frequency conversion technology, we an control it within ±1 ºC.

1.8 The boiler can be equipped with a waste heat boiler in the rear, if users need hot water or steam from the heating system. That makes full use of the exhausted smoke to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection.

2. Our market in the world

Nowadays, we have exported our boilers to the following countries: India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bengal, Philippines, Taiwan China, Papua New Guine, France, Finland, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Mauritius, South Africa, Ethiopia, Algeria, Nigeria, Tanzania, Oman, UAE, etc.

3. Total Integration goes far beyond boilers

Efficiency and quality don't end with our boilers. ZOZEN complete integration produces the most efficient boiler solutions in the world. Completely designed, engineered, manufactured, integrated, and serviced by our team, our systems don't have a single outsourced component to jeopardize compatibility or performance. If you are looking for the best-quality boiler systems with the lowest emissions and highest efficiencies, you are looking for Zozen.

Model Spec.
Heating powerDesigned temperatureWorking pressureHeat efficienceGeneral electric powerExpansion tankOil storage tankTransport dimensionTransport weight
YLW-1400MA1400 KW300 oC0.6 Mpa79%55 KW2 M34.5 M35500x2300x3340mm19.5 T
YLW-1800MA1800 KW300 oC0.6 Mpa79%63 KW2.5 M36 M35500x2600x3700mm23 T
YLW-2400MA2400 KW300 ºC0.7 Mpa79%76 KW2.5 M36 M36100x2500x3060mm26.5 T
YLW-2800MA2800 KW300 ºC0.7 Mpa79%85 KW3.5 M38.5 M36100x2500x3600mm27.5 T
YLW-3500MA3500 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79%100 KW3.5 M38.5 M36810x2500x3600mm29 T
YLW-4200MA4200 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79%100 KW5 M310 M37100x2620x3300mm35 T
YLW-4700MA4700 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79%100 KW5 M310 M37800x2620x3300mm37 T
YLW-5900MA5900 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%120 KW5 M310 M38200x3200x3300mm39 T
YLW-7000MA7000 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%120 KW6 M315 M38840x3200x3300mm40 T
YLW-8200MA82000 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%150 KW6 M315 M39740x3200x3300mm46 T
YLW-9400MA9400 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%160 KW8 M320 M310400x3380x3260mm51 T
YLW-12000MA12000 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%260 KW10 M325 M310400x3560x3420mm62 T
YLW-14000MA14000 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%320 KW10 M325 M310400x3560x3580mm68 T
YLW16000MA16000 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%380 KW15 M335 M312400x3950x3580mm68 T
YLW18000MA18000 KW320 ºC1.0 Mpa79.5%450 KW15 M335 M315800x3950x3580mm68 T

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