High Precision Coal Conveying Belt Weighing System

  Feature 24 hours automatic sortingImprove sorting efficiencyReduce manual sorting errorsUser-friendly operation interfaceContinuous weighing, alarm function and exception handlingPassword authority managementConnect with  already existed ERP systemCustomized service for customersSuitable for large-scale machine produ

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High Precision Coal Conveyor Belt Loadmeter Weighting System
  1. 24 hours automatic sorting
  2. Improve sorting efficiency
  3. Reduce manual sorting errors
  4. User-friendly operation interface
  5. Continuous weighing, alarm function and exception handling
  6. Password authority management
  7. Connect with  already existed ERP system
  8. Customized service for customers
  9. Suitable for large-scale machine production ,logistics,etc.
Automatic weighing belt line for the logistics industry to provide online weighing, online weight inspection, online barcode scanning, barcode identification, automatic inkjet code system automation of online weighing group solution. Powerful data storage function, track and feedback data in real-time and generate data reports, equipped with external printing and transmission system, synchronize data, improve cooperation efficiency.

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High Precision Coal Conveyor Belt Loadmeter Weighting System


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