Do you wear contact lenses?Pay attention to this when doing your makeup

2022-07-23 02:59:05 By : Ms. May Xie

Contact lenses are a huge lifesaver for the beauty lovers who have bad eyesight, but would rather not walk around with glasses.Although lenses are incredibly useful, there are a number of things to keep in mind.Of course you have to clean them well, don't wear them too long and you have to be a little extra careful with your make-up.Do you wear contact lenses?Then pay extra attention to these things when you do your makeup so that your lenses are not damaged.Waterproof products are very handy.You can brave the Dutch weather with it without your makeup running out.But for contact lens wearers, waterproof may not be the best choice.This is for two reasons.First, it is very difficult to get the makeup off your lens if it has accidentally ended up on it.When this happens, it's best to throw the lens away right away.It won't come off with contact lens fluid.Second, it can take quite a bit of effort to get the makeup off your eyes completely.This can cause you to rub your eye a lot.This irritates the eyes, which in turn does not go well with wearing lenses.All in all, waterproof makeup and lenses just aren't made for each other.Loose glitters and pigments are very fine powders that are wonderful to use on the eyes.But be careful with this if you wear contact lenses.When these fine powders end up in your eye, it can be very irritating.Your lenses must then be removed and thoroughly cleaned before you can wear them again.That takes a lot of time and is very annoying.Therefore, use a good primer on your eyes before you get started with these products.The Rude Cosmetics eyeshadow primer, for example, is ideal for this.In addition, make sure you don't take too much glitter on your brush and close your eye while you apply it.Applying eyeliner in the waterline can give a very nice effect to your make-up look.However, it is wise to be careful with this when you wear contact lenses.This product comes so close to your eye that it can easily get on your lens.Avoid waterproof liners, as they can no longer be removed from your lens.Also, do not apply a thick layer of eyeliner in your waterline, as this easily transfers to your lens.Hypoallergenic make-up is suitable for anyone with allergies and/or very sensitive skin and eyes.It can therefore be wise for contact lens wearers to use these products for your eye make-up.Your eyes don't necessarily have to be sensitive to this, but wearing lenses can make your eyes more sensitive to irritating ingredients.Therefore, carefully read the ingredients list of the products you purchase and check whether they are suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.For example, the High Impact mascara from Clinique is perfect for when you wear lenses.Removing your makeup is extremely important for everyone to do.This way you prevent your skin and eyes from getting irritated or even getting infections.Especially if you wear contact lenses, it is wise to pay extra attention to this.Use a makeup remover that does not contain oil.Oil easily gets into your lenses and can make sure that you can no longer see clearly through them.Remove your make-up carefully and check that everything is really gone.Make gentle, circular movements over your eye to remove the makeup without irritating your eyes.The most sensible thing to do is also to remove your lenses before removing the makeup.